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Broadband Without The Phone line, 

With The Phone Line & Full Fibre 

Broadband Service Options:

Wireless Broadband Without Phone Line

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Our Superfast Fibrewave broadband solutions are ideal if you just want a broadband only connection. Our SmartTalk telephone service can work over this service if you need an advanced phone line solution later down the line.

We currently supply package speeds up-to 40Mbps+ and faster in some areas if you are on the platinum package. We are making improvements all the time, so we can offer new services as and when they become available. Newer upgrade options are on the horizon as we develop, complete testing, and roll out Ultrafast 5G services.

Phone Line Fibre Broadband ADSL & VDSL

Our phone line XDSL broadband services run over a traditional telephone line attached to your house.


We offer basic ADSL broadband, or superfast VDSL fibre broadband better knows as (FTTC) and also direct fibre to the premise connections (FTTP) where available.


We supply up-to 80Mbps down ,and 20Mbps up via FTTC technology with guaranteed speeds, and the service is available everywhere in the UK where the telephone exchange is enabled.


Full Fibre To The Premise Broadband FTTP

Our direct fibre to the premise connections (FTTP) where available work by way of a fibre optic cable fitted to your house directly to the telephone exchange.


We supply up-to 1000Mbps down ,and 220Mbps up via FTTP technology with guaranteed speeds, and the service is available everywhere in the UK where there is a requirement for installation.

Ethernet Fibre Leased Line Broadband

We offer high-end uncontended ultra capacity leased lines, with guaranteed speeds from 10Mbps - 10Gbps.  ​We can install the fastest possible fibre optic broadband links wherever needed in the UK, allowing large enterprises, and service providers all ultra-fast connectivity they could ever need.

These services are subject to construction charges in order to install the fibre links where needed, so we have to quote on installation prices. Monthly services access charges start from as little as £129.99.

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