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Unlimited Data Only £13, or Unlimited Data, Calls & Texts For Only £16 Per Month!


Stream all day - Game all night

Whether you’re on your phone or on Broadband, with our Unlimited data you can snap, ‘gram, stream, or game - all day, all night. Eat. Sleep. Binge. Repeat. Who needs sleep when you’ve got 3 levels left of CoD and 6 episodes of Downton to finish. No one. That’s who.

Get your unlimited Data only SIM for only £13, or get Unlimited Calls Texts and Data SIM, for only £16 per Month. Both of these SIM only deals are offered on a 1 Month rolling contract basis, and you can easily keep your old number.
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When we say Unlimited data we really mean it. None of this “we’re so unlimited, but nu-uh, that’ll cost you more”. Or “jheez we kinda mean it, but at salty slow speeds”. Nope. Not us. With our Unlimited data you can fill your boots, help yourself, be our guest. All at full pelt in the UK, and we’re not just talkin’ 4G. We’re talking 5G too. Imagine bingeing with split-second downloads and almost instant load times. No need to dream you’re 5G Ready at no extra cost. All you need is a 5G handset in a 5G location.

You can keep your number, and we will deal with the number transfer from your current operator for you to make switch hassle free, all you do is send a text 'PAC' to 65075 (free from your phone) and your network provider is required to send your PAC code in a text reply as soon as possible, you may even get it right away.

After you've sent the text to your current provider, you'll also receive important information from them regarding any charges, costs or outstanding balances you may have.
When you order your individual SIM's from us, you will be able to enter the number you would like to keep, and the PAC code you receive, and as soon as your new SIM card arrives, just put it into your phone or tablet to activate it, and you'll receive a text message from us on the new number, to confirm the number transfer is in progress if you have requested it.

We will automatically start the number transfer, and close your old account, and say goodbye to your current provider on your behalf. This process can take up-to 24 hours (but normally it happens the same day). In the mean time, you can put your old SIM back into your phone or tablet, and use your service as normal to make and receive calls & texts until the transfer completes. 

If you would like any additional support or information please text us on 07520634034 or email our