Unlimited Data SIM Only £22.99


Stream all day - Game all night

Whether you’re on your phone or on Broadband, with our Unlimited data you can snap, ‘gram, stream, or game - all day, all night. Eat. Sleep. Binge. Repeat. Who needs sleep when you’ve got 3 levels left of CoD and 6 episodes of Downton to finish. No one. That’s who.

Get your unlimited Data only SIM for only £22.99 - 1 Month rolling contract basis.
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When we say Unlimited data we really mean it. None of this “we’re so unlimited, but nu-uh, that’ll cost you more”. Or “jheez we kinda mean it, but at salty slow speeds”. Nope. Not us. With our Unlimited data you can fill your boots, help yourself, be our guest. All at full pelt in the UK, and we’re not just talkin’ 4G. We’re talking 5G too. Imagine bingeing with split-second downloads and almost instant load times. No need to dream you’re 5G Ready at no extra cost. 

If you would like any additional support or information please text us on 07520634034 or email our helpdesk@airnetuk.com