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ADSL2+ Up-to 24Mbps Down / 8Mbps Up

ADSL2+ Up-to 24Mbps Down / 8Mbps Up

  • Product Information

    Air Net ADSL2+ broadband - or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line - is the basic and most common type of broadband internet connection. An ADSL connection is generally the slowest and cheapest compared to Fibre & Wireless Broadband types available to buy for your home.  We can transfer your service from another provider free of charge within around 7 working days, and includes line rental and calls.

    Fibre broadband is not yet available everywhere, especially remote areas, so ADSL can sometimes be the only option in these locations, unless you use our Fibrewave wireless broadband, whic is available in most UK areas.

    There are two types of ADSL technology – ADSL1 and ADSL2+, which is slightly faster than ADSL1. ADSL is itself a form of DSL (digital subscriber line) - a term for a service that transmits data over telephone lines to establish an internet connection.