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Top Fast Fibre Max - Superfast & Totally Unlimited - £39.99

Top Fast Fibre Max - Superfast & Totally Unlimited - £39.99


  • Product Information

    Air Net Top Fast Fibre Max is the bull dog of all broadband! We are not increasing prices from £39.99 per Month until 2025. 


    With totally unlimited downloading, uploading, streaming & gaming, get all you can eat data with guaranteed service speeds.


    We'll let you know what power to expect before the service is even connected, making you feel elated, and never frustrated.


    The connection is business grade, designed for really heavy use, so you can expect no slow down at peak times, or suffer bandwidth abuse.


    Binge all day and night on Netflix, shop till you drop, dance to streaming music like you can't stop, online game until you go insane, and control your smart home all the same.


    With a free static IP address included makes your connection top dog, from full power open NAT gaming, the list's just a slog.


    Enjoy video & phone calls which don't disconnect, and no complex settings which make your head wrecked.


    We can easily connect service usually within 7-10 working days. If you entered your existing land line number, you can sit back and relax while we will deal with your old supplier, and cancel the old service. You will then receive a final bill from them if there is one to pay.


    With current blistering speeds up-to 80meg, if you want ridiculously faster speeds, you will also have the option to upgrade as fast as 1000meg, as soon as the line plant has been upgraded. Most areas should be complete in 2025. 

  • Product Pricing

    The one-off £60 connection can be pre-paid, or paid upon service activation. 

    The £39.99 Monthly charge is payable upon service activation.