Here you can find all updates regarding the status of all of our services. This page will be updated in real time, should we discover a problem. All planned maintenance and upgrade work will also be posted here.

Due to COVID-19 we wanted to update all new and existing customers with some of the problems we are facing:

Customer Contact - 

We will only accept contact via email & text message until further notice. These measures are to keep staff safe and minimise their risks. 

Installations & Repairs - 

We currently have a delay on some repairs where we have been unable to import hardware needed to repair connections. We are waiting on a final shipment next week to cover all pending repairs and orders. We may not be able to process any new orders after March until further notice, should the government limit restrictions of peoples movements. 

Note from the management team - 

On a personal note, we hope you are all keeping safe and we wish you all well should you be affected by this virus. Thank you all for your continued support and understanding during these difficult world changing times.